"I will be thin by summer"

I had a good day!

Hi guys! let me tell you something about my day.

09-03-2013 .

Today I had a good day, and not only because it’s weekend.

The reason I had a good day is because I didn’t eat some candy or chocolate.

These are the things I ate today:


1 slice of bread with peanut butter.

And 1 cup of tea


2 slices of bread with chicken salad

And 1 cup of milk


Well I didn’t ate my dinner yet but I think I will eat one slice of bread and soup.

I’m not sure about that though.

what are you guys going to eat?

(Source: weheartit.com)

(Source: weheartit.com)

(Source: weheartit.com)

Hi guys! i was wondering what you guys think of this video.
I’m doing this as my daily routine and well I like it.

What do you guys think of it?